I recently stayed in Berlin with a family that I had met while on vacation in Croatia. They had two small children (who could not understand why my German was such shit…)

yet who I watched delight in the smallest of spider webs, and who under no circumstances were interested in vegetarian food because of its “funny color.”

I didn’t know this, but tiny people have a very early bedtime-like 7:30/8:00 status, which was insane to 20-something me,

but which also meant that there was plenty of time in the evenings to enjoy adult company time after the kids were in bed.

Each night as they put their children to sleep they did the same thing—

They all climbed into their double king-sized bed and read a book together, and then as their eyes were closing—

they listed all of the people who loved them.

The list started simple—mama, papa, oma, grandpa (however you say that in German) and then continued to include aunts, uncles, cousins, friends from kindergarten, daycare and then—the local butcher, the lovely girl who works at the ice cream shop, the sweet lady with the dog on the train last week…

And as they finished their list, they inevitably always drifted off to sleep, the last thing in their growing minds, a list of people who loved them.

No morning is sweeter than when gratitude puts you to sleep.


The same children who taught me about daily gratitude also crafted this perfect crown.

I think I need a gratitude list while on the road…something to consistently fall asleep to.

If you had a gratitude list, who would be on it?